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RPG KeePIR for System 36 To Native iSeries

RPG KeePIR for System 36 to native iSeries RPG KeePIR is an automated utility for converting System/36 to Native iSeries. PIR Group can dramatically reduce the time you spend on getting to the native iSeries environment . It eliminates the unnecessary expense of re-developing or re-purchasing proven existing user applications. The high degree of automation achieved by RPG KeePIR when converting your S/36 applications to native mode minimizes the requirement for extensive programmer involvement. This eliminates errors created during more manual conversion efforts. PIR Group and RPG KeePIR make it possible to port any ongoing S/36 development to native mode quickly and accurately while keeping conversion costs to an absolute minimum. Create native mode RPG/400 or ILE programs (communication programs are not converted).

  • Create native mode display files (screens).
  • Create native mode message files.
  • Create native mode sort specifications.
  • Create native mode CL/400 programs.
  • Convert IDDU data dictionaries and queries.
  • Create DDS file specifications for both physical and logical files (permits up to 26 record types per file).
  • Automatically create and maintain field reference files.
  • Create ancillary DDS file specifications.
  • Create and load data base files.
  • Create logical files (alternate indexes).
  • Correct decimal data errors.
  • Convert System/36 user sign on information.
  • Optimize converted application performance.
  • Optionally externalize RPG disk file, screen format and printer descriptions.
  • Data base change and analysis module (optional).

You made my job quite easy as I knew early on that I could rely on you to provide the customer with not only the converted code, but also the technical assistance they needed during implementation.
IBM Tom Hutcherson - Project Manager
Christian Schneider worked quickly and efficiently with ISSC to ensure that the job got done as needed and worked with ISSC when it was discovered there were significant additional module conversions required.
ISSC Christopher Richter - Project Executive