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for the iSeries AS/400

Technical Product Overview CICS COBOL to NATIVE ILE COBOL
PIR Group presents COBOL KeePIR

COBOL KeePIR is an automated conversion utility that converts Mainframe CICS to native ILE COBOL. The COBOL KeePIR solution converts the VSAM file access into the DB2/400 relational database. The tool provides a seamless conversion and runtime environment. Conversion to the iSeries platform allows both end-users and the programming staff to be quite effective immediately following the conversion.

COBOL KeePIR for iSeries COBOL includes many features to insure that converted code is easily maintainable and any learning curve for the programming staff is kept to a minimum.

  • The program algorithm is kept completely intact.
  • Any code added is “flagged” and is kept in-line with the code in the programs.
  • Our team works closely with your programming staff to ensure satisfaction of the delivered code.
  • Our CICS run-time environment is easily modifiable; giving flexibility CICS could never give.
  • Several options are available to increase the “Openness” of your existing COBOL programs:- Externalize all program-based file I/O to callable sub-routines.
  • Externalize all program-based screen I/O to callable sub-routines. – Conversion-based global replacement.
    –  Extensive conversion documentation available on each program.Thus programmers who are familiar with the mainframe programs will easily maintain and enhance their AS400 clones. This dramatically reduces programmers’ learning curve on the new platform and provides a high confidence level that when a converted program compiles; it will duplicate the mainframe transaction.
  • The utility reads and converts programs written in 74 COBOL and 85 COBOL producing output in native ILE COBOL.
  • A robust conversion environment or single command converts and compiles an entire application. The utility takes advantage of both batch or on-line for the conversion process to run.
  • The utility supports conversational and pseudo-conversational program structures.
  • The conversion environment has the “look and feel” of a standard iSeries command interface.
  • All comments contained in the original code appear in the same location in the converted iSeries COBOL program.
  • All iSeries COBOL data-names generated by the utility are created using existing definitions in the client code.
  • All copy book/+INCLUDE code is converted and retains the same member name identity.
  • The tool generates a series of conversion reports as well as detailed program-by-program information.
  • Each BMS MAP set is converted to native iSeries DDS (Data Description Specifications) and a COBOL Screen Handler that replaces and duplicates CICS screen map processing.
  • All BMS field names and BMS keywords are retained and converted to their respective iSeries counterpart.
  • PF keys, cursor feedback/positioning, and screen field attributes are converted to retain the “look and feel” of theoriginal transaction.
  • The original screen layouts are preserved, and the conversion is transparent to the user community.PIR Group/COBOL KeePIR FILE SUPPORT FEATURES:
  • Files (VSAM/DB2/DL1) are converted to DB2/400 physical and logical file formats. The DDS generated for these files are based on the original COBOL description for these files.
  • CICS/VSAM file access is converted to the appropriate AS/400 COBOL file access commands. (Read, Write, Delete, Rewrite, etc…..)
  • Variable Length Records will be converted to fixed length files. The client has the option to use other solutions implemented by PIR Group; this is outside the conversion scope and would be billed at a standard billing rate.
  • 3270 data streams
  • Certain uses of BLL Cells
  • JCL created by the Cobol program
  • DOS/VSE $LST Cards
  • Assembler programs
  • C programs
  • BMS paging options used on screens
  • Light Pen & Bar Coding functionality
  • Some areas of “Report Writer” programs
The most positive thing that your group bought to our conversion process was the effort your people demonstrated.
Aegon Donald J. Burke
Because of the high quality of your products and your excellent support, our mtgration project was completed well within our schedule dates.
ITT Jack McFaulds - Applications Manager