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General Description

COBOL KeePIR for IMS/DLI is a utility that converts Mainframe CICS/DL1 to iSeries COBOL, utilizing the native iSeries relational database capabilities. The tool will provide exceptionally high conversion directly into native COBOL, permitting access to all features of the iSeries CPU.

COBOL KeePIR for IMS/DLI handles the replacement of all database I/O by an I/O module written in COBOL. This module will interpret the calls made to the DLI module and satisfy the request. This is the best way to handle the I/O since it leaves the area in the application program for data retrieval and updating in tack with no manual changes. Since the file handling is a major change in going to the iSeries this approach makes for any file I/O problems easy to identify and correct , since they are all done in a single file I/O program rather than changes into every program.

COBOL KeePIR for IMS/DLI includes many features to insure that converted code is easily maintainable. The program algorithm is kept completely intact. The mainframe code is commented out and the iSeries equivalent is inserted below it. Thus programmers who are familiar with the mainframe programs will easily maintain and enhance their iSeries clones. This dramatically reduces programmers’ learning curve on the iSeries and provides a high confidence level that when a converted program compiles, it will duplicate the mainframe transaction.

  • The utility reads and converts programs written in 74 COBOL and 85 COBOL producing output in ILE COBOL.
  • A single command converts and compiles an entire library. The utility operates in a lights-out environment to produce output ready for unit test by the following morning.
  • The utility supports both conversational and pseudo-conversational program structure.
  • The standard iSeries command interface is used to drive the conversion utility.
  • All comments contained in the original code appear in the same location in the converted iSeries program.
  • COBOL data-names generated by the utility, are extensions of existing field-names found in the program.
  • All copy books are converted and retain the same identity.
  • The tool generates a detailed error report.
  • Each BMS MAP set is converted to native iSeries DDS screen specifications, and a screen handler that duplicates CICS screen map processing.
  • All BMS field names are retained.
  • PF key feedback, cursor feedback and positioning, and screen field attributes are converted to retain the “look and feel” of the original transaction.
  • The original screen layouts are preserved, and the conversion is transparent to the user. No changes in input method are required.
  • Files (VSAM/DB2/DL1) are converted to iSeries data bases using the COBOL field names as data base field names.(Data Base re-engineering will consist of modifying each segment to it contains the full key of its= parent)
  • COBOL VSAM file access commands are converted to access the iSeries relational data base.
  • COBOL DL1 calls access t he iSeries relational data base via the centralized file I/O program.
  • Variable Length Records will be converted to fixed length. At CLIENT option, other solutions may be implemented at PIR Group standard billing rate.
  • 3270 data streams
  • Certain uses of BLL Cells
  • Some versions of address passing
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