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COBOL KeePIR Mainframe to iSeries ILE COBOL includes many features to insure that the converted source code is easily maintainable and any learning curve for the programming staff is kept to a minimum.

COBOL KeePIR for Gener/OL to CICS

Conversion utility – Mainframe Gener/OL into CICS COBOL

Mainframe to Power i

COBOL KeePIR for the iSeries AS/400

IMS-DL1 to Power i


IDMS to Power i

COBOL KeePIR for IDMS and DC to the iSeries

Mainframe to CICS 400

COBOL KeePIR for CICS/400 for iSeries

System 36 Migration

RPG KeePIR for System 36 To Native iSeries

  • The program algorithm is kept completely intact.
  • The utility supports conversational and pseudo-conversational program structures.
  • All copy book/+INCLUDE code is converted and retains the same member name identity.
  • Each BMS MAP set is converted to native AS/400 DDS (Data Description Specifications) and a COBOL Screen Handler that replaces and duplicates CICS screen map processing.
  • Files (VSAM/DB2/DL1) are converted to DB2/400 physical and logical file formats. The DDS generated for these files are based on the original COBOL description for these files.
  • Automated solutions are also available for these mainframe environments ADSO, IDMS/DC, Gener/OL, Dynam, Telon, Datacom, Easytrieve, SAS, IMS and Gener/OL