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PIR Group has developed proven project management techniques that assist in setting real life expectations, the participants’ roles and responsibilities within the project. Detailed procedures for establishing and managing an IT project are defined.
PIR begins by assessing the current project management environment and performing a gap analysis. Key project management components are identified. PIR utilizes customized project assessment utilities to locate areas of opportunity and procedure recommendations.
The end result is an outline detailing samples of proposed project templates, such as a Statement of Work, project timelines, delivery milestones and management expectations are documented. Publication, distribution, and training for the guidebook occurs based on client direction.
Because of the high quality of your products, our migration was completed well within our deadline.
Emirates Bank International Limited George Bacon, Chief Manger Information Technology
Not only was the job of converting our system done so well, but the support you have given us during and after the conversion has been outstanding.
The Standard Companies Eric J. Songy - Director of Information Services