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PIR Group provides migration tools for legacy COBOL and RPG applications.  We move custom systems that reside on the IBM mainframe and zOS systems to the more cost effective and powerful iSeries.  The average migration project takes less than six month’s and the customer first year ROI is often in the millions of dollars.

Aside from CICS and Gener/OL online COBOL and RPG solutions, PIR Group’s utilities are capable of handling a multitude of database structures including VASM, DB2, IMS, DLI, and the IDMS databases.


Seamless conversions - PIR Group's managed Legacy Modernization services will have you up and running in no time.

COBOL KeePIR for Gener/OL to CICS
Conversion utility - Mainframe Gener/OL into CICS COBOL

Mainframe to Power i
COBOL KeePIR for the iSeries AS/400

IMS-DL1 to Power i

IDMS to Power i
COBOL KeePIR for IDMS and DC to the iSeries

Mainframe to CICS 400

COBOL KeePIR for CICS/400 for iSeries

System 36 Migration

RPG KeePIR for System 36 to Native iSeries


A few of PIR Group's success stories.

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Count on PIR Group's years of experience to help you get your systems up and running in the latest native environment. Whether a full blown migration or simply leveraging our infinite knowledge in the space, contact us today to learn more.

PÍR Group presents COBOL KeePÍR for Gener/OL to CICS

COBOL KeePÍR for Gener/Ol to CICS is an automated conversion utility that converts Mainframe Gener/OL into CICS COBOL.  The tool provides a seamless conversion the CICS COBOL environment.   Elimination of the Gener/OL product license allows for greater resource support options.

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