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The migration process can be confusing if not overwhelming, below are some frequently asked questions that have come up in the past to hopefully help get the conversation started. If you have further questions – please do not hesitate to Contact Us.

How is CICS handled?

A native COBOL transaction monitor was created to handle pseudo-conversational

How are the EXEC CICS statements?

They are duplicated with equivalent subroutines or inline COBOL

What happens to the screens and MAPS?

The screens look exactly the same on the new platform, the keyboard is re-mapped, and the BMS is converted the appropriate platform screen presentation utility

What happens to my MVS or VSE JCL?

The JCL is converted to the control or scripting language supported by that platform

How is my VSAM database handled?

VSAM is duplicated using the specific file access method as determined by the platform

How do you handle mainframe file access?

A Select and File Description is added into the program when IO is found

How are my sorts handled?

Handled through platforms native sort utility

How do you handle printing?

The appropriate print file is created and then routed to the customer decided printing location

Will my programmers be able to support the converted code?

The tool comments out the mainframe code and places the equivalent replacement code directly beneath as a form of source code documentation

How is my data handled?

Optionally, load programs are created for the test environment. Those programs are given to the customer to load their data into the new database

What if I use ASSEMBLER?

Time/Date subroutines have already been duplicated. A true program written in Assembler is rewritten into COBOL